Utsugeren - (Iskalde Grøss)
Historie nr 9
BiSerie Iskalde Grøss
Navn på historie Utsugeren
Antall sider 7,0
Startside 25
Orginalt navn A Sucker For a Spider.
Orginalt år
Orginalt blad
Orginalt nr
Orginal måned
Informasjon/Beskrivelse Tales from the Crypt (EC, 1950 serien) #29 (April- Mai 1952).
Tidligere utgitt i Iskalde Grøss (Semic, 1982 serien) #7/1992.

An embezzling banker who keeps spiders for a hobby is blackmailed by his chief teller who is aware of the embezzlement. The banker invites the teller to stay the night and aggravates a black widow before dropping it beneath the sleeping teller's bed sheets. In the morning, with the teller dead, the banker decides to fly a small plane down to Florida to get out of town for awhile, but the engine conks out over the swamp. He bails out, but when he cuts himself out of his chute, he drops into the web of a giant spider that proceeds to paralyze him and suck him dry.
Manus Al Feldstein
Tegninger Graham Ingels (Ghastly)
Tusj Graham Ingels (Ghastly)

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