Den Svarte Øya - (Tintin)
Historie nr 5
BiSerie Tintin
Navn på historie Den Svarte Øya Del 15
Antall sider 3,0
Startside 28
Orginalt navn L'Île Noire.
Orginalt år 1939
Orginalt blad Les Aventures de Tintin (Casterman, 1934 serien)
Orginalt nr 8
Orginal måned Januar
Informasjon/Beskrivelse Tintin decides to go to the Black Island the following day (nr. 7/1968). At the Black Island, Tintin encounters the "ferocious beast"- a gorilla named Ranko. He manages to flee from Ranko and its trainer- a man named Puschov by hiding in a sea cave. Tintin goes further inside the sea cave, which leads into a printing press and finds out that the forgers are using the Black Island as their hideout (nr. 8-9/1968). He temporarily subdues all the forgers, including Müller, Ivan and Puschov (they free themselves shortly afterwards) and contacts the police through radio (nr. 10-11/1968).
Manus Georges Remi (Hergé)
Tegninger Georges Remi (Hergé)

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