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Hjerteknuseren - (Iskalde Grøss)
Historie nr 1
BiSerie Iskalde Grøss
Navn på historie Hjerteknuseren
Antall sider 7,0
Startside 3
Orginalt navn None But the Lonely Heart.
Orginalt år 1952
Orginalt blad Tales from the Crypt (EC, 1950 serien)
Orginalt nr 33
Orginal måned Desember
Informasjon/Beskrivelse Matilda Filby, Ephie, Luella, Veronica, Mr. Bibbs, Janet, Howard.

A man who marries homely wealthy women and murders them for their money receives a lonely-hearts letter from a woman who tells him that she lives in a large stone house and enclosures a photograph of a lovely woman whom she admits the picture displays two years ago, not having a more recent snapshot. Since she is so beautiful, he decides that it's time to wind up his racket and settle down. She accepts his proposal and he dashes out to meet her.....with stunning results.
Manus Al Feldstein
Tegninger Graham Ingels (Ghastly)
Tusj Graham Ingels (Ghastly)

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