In Flagranti - (Iskalde Grøss)
Historie nr 6
BiSerie Iskalde Grøss
Navn på historie In Flagranti
Antall sider 8,0
Startside 12
Orginalt navn In Flagranti
Orginalt år 1951
Orginalt blad Tales from the Crypt (EC, 1950 serien)
Orginalt nr 24
Orginal måned Juni
Informasjon/Beskrivelse Tidligere utgitt i Iskalde Grøss (Semic, 1982 serien) #6/1994.

The Crypt-Keeper, Joan Gordon, John Bayne, Joan's lover, Harry Gordon.
An actor loses his hearing, so he goes to visit an unorthodox individual that a friend tipped him off to. This person recommends transplanting the auditory senses of a bat, to which our luckless hero agrees. Not only does he receive super acute hearing, but he starts to gain other characteristics of a bat. Unfortunately, it is only later that he realizes it was actually a vampire bat...
Manus Al Feldstein
Tegninger Jack Burton Davis (Jack Davis)
Tusj Jack Burton Davis (Jack Davis)

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