Den Svarte Øya. - (Tintin)
Historie nr 4
BiSerie Tintin
Navn på historie Den Svarte Øya. Del 9
Antall sider 5,0
Startside 26
Orginalt navn L'Île Noire
Orginalt år 1938
Orginalt blad Les Aventures de Tintin (Casterman, 1934 serien)
Orginalt nr 8
Orginal måned Januar
Informasjon/Beskrivelse The next morning, Tintin again visits the estate to investigate further. He traces an installation of electric cables and red beacons forming a triangle. He comes to the conclusion that Müller could be using this installation as a signal to acquire "something". That night, he finds out what the installation is for- on lighting all the three flares in a triangle, a plane would drop three sacks of counterfeit money over the estate (Tempo 3/1968). At this, he comes to the conclusion that Müller, Ivan and the two men are running a forgery racket. He then pursues the duo of Müller and Ivan through the English countryside (nr. 4 og 5/1968).
Manus Georges Remi (Hergé)
Tegninger Georges Remi (Hergé)

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