Den Svarte Øya - (Tintin)
Historie nr 5
BiSerie Tintin
Navn på historie Den Svarte Øya Del 7
Antall sider 3,0
Startside 28
Orginalt navn L'Île Noire
Orginalt år 1938
Orginalt blad Albumserien Tintin
Orginalt nr 8
Orginal måned Januar
Informasjon/Beskrivelse Later while walking to Eastdown, he finds the estate of Dr. J. W. Müller, an evil German doctor who runs a mental institution which tortures his enemies to insanity (tidl. Numre). Wondering whether this Müller is the same Müller mentioned on the note, Tintin decides to sneak into the estate to find out, but gets caught by Müller, who decides to take him to his mental institution. However he manages to escape, but not before Müller accidentally sets his mansion on fire while fighting with Tintin (nr. 1/1968). The next morning, Tintin again visits the estate to investigate further. He traces an installation of electric cables and red beacons forming a triangle. He comes to the conclusion that Müller could be using this installation as a signal to acquire "something". That night, he finds out what the installation is for- on lighting all the three flares in a triangle, a plane would drop three sacks of counterfeit money over the estate (Tempo 3/1968)
Manus Georges Remi (Hergé)
Tegninger Georges Remi (Hergé)

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