Malstrøm - (Iskalde Grøss)
Historie nr 9
BiSerie Iskalde Grøss
Navn på historie Malstrøm
Antall sider 8,0
Startside 39
Orginalt navn Whirlpool.
Orginalt år 1953
Orginalt blad Vault of Horror (EC, 1950 serien)
Orginalt nr 32
Orginal måned August
Informasjon/Beskrivelse Tidligere utgitt i Iskalde Grøss (Semic, 1982 serien) #6 [1988].

Her mind was whirling as three horrid creatures hovered over her, asking her her name, and she ran to escape, plunging through a window, landing and running for her life to a building. There she fell through a door to the floor, where a beast grabbed her by the hair and dropped her in boiling water, then placed her in ice, laughing all the while....before she passed out. When she awoke, she was strapped to a table and an old hag with a long needle began to stab her until a man told her to leave.
Manus John Thomas (Johnny) Craig
Tegninger John Thomas (Johnny) Craig

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