Heksejakten - (Iskalde Grøss)
Historie nr 7
BiSerie Iskalde Grøss
Navn på historie Heksejakten
Antall sider 7,0
Startside 46
Orginalt navn Witch Witch's Witch.
Orginalt år 1954
Orginalt blad Vault of Horror (EC, 1950 serien)
Orginalt nr 36
Orginal måned April
Informasjon/Beskrivelse Eric Holbein, Helena, Alicia Grunwald, Eric’s mother, Alicia’s mother.

Eric was coming home to Blumstedt with his new wife. As he entered the house, he was met by his former betroth, Alicia, her Mom and his Mom. Eric's mother soon passed away. Days later, the ladies from the local church saw Helena and told her not to attend their meetings....and the leader of that group soon died. Talk began to surface saying Helena was a witch. A mob formed and went after Helena, and, when Eric tried to intervene, they killed him and began stoning Helena to death. She chanted a few words and all the people turned to rats and scurried away.
Manus John Thomas (Johnny) Craig
Tegninger Jack Burton Davis (Jack Davis)
Tusj Jack Burton Davis (Jack Davis)

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