Vader. Del 5 - (Star Wars)
Historie nr 5
BiSerie Star Wars
Navn på historie Vader. Del 5
Antall sider 20,0
Startside 115
Orginalt navn
Orginalt år 2015
Orginalt blad Darth Vader (Marvel, 2015 serien)
Orginalt nr 5
Orginal måned Juli
Informasjon/Beskrivelse Darth Vader, Doctor Aphra, BT-1, Triple Zero, agent Cyclo- IV and V, the Emperor, Morit, Aiolin.

The Sith Lord Darth Vader leads his battle droid army to the base operated by the Emperor's mysterious agent Cylo-IV. They board the secret base. It’s a secluded stronghold in the Outer Rim where a technology specialist named Cylo has been secretly working for Palpatine creating lightsaber- wielding cyborgs. The plan is to ultimately replace Vader as the Emperor's enforcer. Now in the presence of the Emperor himself, Lord Vader must fight for both his honor and his life against Cylo's team of technically enhanced warriors. He engage the cyborgs Morit and Aiolin.
Manus Kieron Gillen
Tegninger Salvador Larroca
Tusj Salvador Larroca

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