Vader. Del 3 - (Star Wars)
Historie nr 3
BiSerie Star Wars
Navn på historie Vader. Del 3
Antall sider 20,0
Startside 68
Orginalt navn
Orginalt år 2015
Orginalt blad Darth Vader (Marvel, 2015 serien)
Orginalt nr 3
Orginal måned Mai
Informasjon/Beskrivelse Darth Vader, Doctor Aphra, BT-1, Triple Zero, Utani Xane.

The issue sees Darth Vader continuing his mission to learn more about Luke Skywalker and the Emperor's mysterious agent. With his ability to command the Imperial Military taken away in the wake of the Battle of Yavin and the Rebel assault on Cymoon 1, Vader enlists the help of droid specialist Aphra in order to create a private army of battle droids. A girl called dr. Aphra is caught stealing an old protocol matrix in a quarantined world. Suddenly Darth Vader arrive, saying he need her help. Aboard her ship, the Ark Angel, she use the matrix to activate a Triple Zero protocol droid and a B1-T assassin droid. Vader’s plan is to build his own private army of battle droids. Aphra suggest a secret mission to Geonosis.
Manus Kieron Gillen
Tegninger Salvador Larroca
Tusj Salvador Larroca

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