Alexanders diamantbeger - (Fantomet)
Historie nr 6
BiSerie Fantomet
Navn på historie Alexanders diamantbeger Del 3
Antall sider 6,0
Startside 59
Ident S81
Orginalt navn Alexander's Diamond Cup
Orginalt år 1970
Orginalt blad Søndagsstriper
Orginalt nr 81
Orginal måned Sep
Informasjon/Beskrivelse Publisert første gang: 20.09.1970 - 07.02.1971

An Explorers’ Club member is boasting to his colleagues about a drinking cup made out of a single diamond once belonging to Alexander the Great but now owned by a “phantom”. He is not believed, but a shifty sea captain immediately sees a golden opportunity to make money through a con game. As the Phantom returns from Keela-Wee, tom-tom drums reveal that a man is calling for him in the jungle. It proves to be our distressed member with a furious sea captain in hot pursuit.
Manus Lee (Leon) Falk (Harrison Gross)
Tegninger Sy (Seymour) Barry
Tusj Sy (Seymour) Barry

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