En Heks Skal Bli Født. Del 4- 6 - (Conan)
Historie nr 2
BiSerie Conan
Navn på historie En Heks Skal Bli Født. Del 4- 6
Antall sider 14,0
Startside 25
Orginalt navn A Witch Shall Be Born
Orginalt år 1975
Orginalt blad The Savage Sword of Conan (Marvel, 1974 serien)
Orginalt nr 5
Orginal måned April
Informasjon/Beskrivelse Conan, Olgerd Vladislav, Salome, Constantius, Astreas, Marcois, Khumbanigash, Farra.

Seven months later, with Salome's impersonation of Taramis complete, she and Constantius have been ravaging the city of Khauran. The evil queen is now an absolute tyrant who behaves shamelessly in public and murders and plunders at will. Some Khaurani knights have fled, trying to organize some form of revolutionary movement, but they need allies. Such allies might be found in the Zuagirs. Marcois learns that Taramis is still alive and being held in the dungeon by Salome. Conan takes control of the army that Olgerd had gathered and prepares to attack Kauhran.

Manus Roy William Thomas, Jr. (Roy Thomas)
Tegninger John Buscema
Tusj The Tribe

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