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Stormvind fra Stygia - (Conan)
Historie nr 2
BiSerie Conan
Navn på historie Stormvind fra Stygia
Antall sider 50,0
Startside 56
Orginalt navn A Wind Blows from Stygia.
Orginalt år 1980
Orginalt blad Savage Sword of Conan (Marvel, 1974 serien)
Orginalt nr 48
Orginal måned Januar
Informasjon/Beskrivelse Senere utgitt i Conan Maxi (Bladkompaniet / Schibsted, 2002 serien) #8 - Stormvind fra Stygia (Juni 2007).

Thoth-Amon, Zarono (pirate), Strombanni (pirate); Valenso Korzetta (Zingarian nobleman), Galbro, Conan, Lady Belesa, Tina, Demon of the Caves, Picts.
Conan leads the rival pirate captains Strombanni and Zarono to the treasure of Tranicos, hoping that the guardian demon will kill them.
Conan's scheme ultimately fails, and the sailors find themselves trapped by Picts surrounding the rocky cleft. they all form another uneasy alliance to battle the Picts and make it back to Valenso's fort. The story ends with the defeat of the stronghold by the Picts and the deaths of the Count, Strombanni, and Black Zarono. Valenso atones for his transgressions against Thoth-Amon when he is killed by a demon. The Counts of Poitain arrive on the isolated shores, looking for Conan to lead them against the despotic King of Aquilonia, Numedides. The ever ambitious Conan agrees. Tranicos' treasure will be used to finance the rebel army which would transform Conan from pirate and mercenary into a king.
Manus Roy William Thomas, Jr. (Roy Thomas)
Tegninger John Buscema
Tusj Klaus Janson

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