Hevn I Asgalun - (Conan)
Historie nr 11
BiSerie Conan
Navn på historie Hevn I Asgalun
Antall sider 17,0
Startside 181
Orginalt navn Vengeance In Asgalun
Orginalt år 1977
Orginalt blad Conan The Barbarian Vol 1
Orginalt nr 72
Orginal måned Mars
Informasjon/Beskrivelse Conan, Belit, Nim-Karrak, Kawaku, Yasunga, N'yaga, Ptor-Nubis.

N'Yaga's illness gets worse, forcing Belit to return to the palace in Asgalun to retrieve healing herbs. Conan and Belit disguise themselves as weaponmakers to gain entrance to the city, but are mistaken for performers and given an audience with Nim-Karrak, who overthrew Belit's father, and Ptor-Nubis, the representative of the Stygian king. Nim-Karrak wishes Belit for himself, and has her taken to his chambers. Nim-Karrak reveals that her father is still alive and prisoner in the Stygian city of Luxur. Belit finds Conan, and they steal a chariot as they make their escape from the city, Belit vowing to rescue her father.

Manus Roy William Thomas, Jr. (Roy Thomas)
Tegninger John Buscema
Tusj Ernie Chan

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