Den Fjærkledde Morderen - (Conan)
Historie nr 7
BiSerie Conan
Navn på historie Den Fjærkledde Morderen
Antall sider 18,0
Startside 112
Orginalt navn Fiends Of The Feathered Serpent
Orginalt år 1976
Orginalt blad Conan The Barbarian Vol 1
Orginalt nr 65
Orginal måned August
Informasjon/Beskrivelse Conan, Belit, Ahmaan the Merciless, N'yaga, Kawaku, Baktu, Tezcatlipoca.

The Tigress is attacked by a group of Stygians, forcing Belit to sail further out into the ocean, into waters her crew considers cursed. At dawn, the ship sails into the coast of a mysterious island, causing even Conan to wonder if perhaps the curse is real. The island is inhabited, and in a century-old shack they find the preserved body of the fierce pirate Ahmaan the Merciless. They encounter a band of pygmies who use a magic gong to knock the crew out. Conan, Belit and Baktu are brought to the pygmy leader, Tezcatlipoca.

Manus Roy William Thomas, Jr. (Roy Thomas)
Tegninger John Buscema
Tusj The Tribe

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