Elve- Øglenes Ryttere - (Conan)
Historie nr 3
BiSerie Conan
Navn på historie Elve- Øglenes Ryttere
Antall sider 18,0
Startside 41
Orginalt navn Riders Of The River-Dragons
Orginalt år 1976
Orginalt blad Conan The Barbarian Vol 1
Orginalt nr 60
Orginal måned Mars
Informasjon/Beskrivelse Conan, Belit, N'yaga, M'Gora, Ombassa, Nyami.

Conan mentions the fighting prowress of his friend Sonja, but they are interrupted by the ship's passing of the entrance to the river Zarkheba, which the crew regards with distrust. The ship sails further south for several days to collect tribute from the Watambi tribe, but they discover the tribe has no tribute; it has been taken by the Riders of the River Dragons,a tribe that tames giant crocodiles.
The Dragon Riders attack, and Conan and N'Yaga help the Watambi win the battle. Questioning a survivor reveals that the Dragon Riders are seeking slaves and under the command of Amra, a legendary man who is said to run with the cats and whose very name means lion. Conan, wondering why Belit didn't join the battle, but when he checks back in the tent he discovers the reason - she has been kidnapped...

Manus Roy William Thomas, Jr. (Roy Thomas)
Tegninger John Buscema
Tusj Steve Gan

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