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Imperiets Blod. Del 1: Shades Of The Sith - (Star Wars)
Historie nr 1
BiSerie Star Wars
Navn på historie Imperiets Blod. Del 1: Shades Of The Sith
Antall sider 28,0
Startside 7
Orginalt navn Blood Of The Empire: Shades Of The Sith
Orginalt år 2010
Orginalt blad Star Wars. The Old Republic
Orginalt nr 4
Orginal måned Okober
Informasjon/Beskrivelse The Galaxy is at war. The Sith Empire strikes blow after blow against a Republic reeling from the return of its ancient enemies, and the Jedi scramble to defend their holdings. But Imperial victory is far from certain. Teneb Kel, a fiercely clever young man apprenticed as a Sith, is selected by his masters for a secret mission—a mission concerning the Emperor himself and a threat to the Dark Lord’s thousand-year plan. Teneb must unravel the schemes at work around him if he is to seize control of his destiny and alter the course of history.

A Sith apprentice pitted against a Republic army; an alien slave caught in the crossfire; a mysterious true-blood on a journey through the crime-ridden streets of Peragus spaceport. These individuals will fall under the shadow of the Emperor and the Dark Council, and their actions will define the future of the Empire and the Old Republic.
Manus Alexander Freed
Tegninger Dave Ross
Tusj Mark McKenna
Farger Michael Atiyeh

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