Idiotenes Revolt - (Fantomet)
Historie nr 2
BiSerie Fantomet
Navn på historie Idiotenes Revolt
Antall sider 26,0
Startside 32
Orginalt navn The Baronkhan Sedition
Orginalt år 2016
Orginalt blad Dagsstriper (King Features Syndicate)
Orginalt nr
Orginal måned Januar
Informasjon/Beskrivelse The Phantom daily (King Features Syndicate) 2016.01.02 - 2016.04.06.

21. Fantomet, Sala Palmer-Walker, Ulv, Rex King, kaptein Lara, Dumat, oberst Petra, Kavik, Girok.
Leaving the twins' birthday party in the Deep Woods (see The Twins' Future), Prince Rex and Captain Lara return to Baronkhan in the knowledge that dark forces are planning to destroy their burgeoning relationship (see The Eternal Triangle). Deciding to intervene in the escalating conflict, the Phantom enters a sleepy Baronkhan in the middle of the night, only to find that a serious situation has become even more complex and dangerous. The terrorist Dumat, supported by the mystic Nomad, is leading the rebellion together with Girok and Kavik. The Phantom learn through a foreign assassin, in Barokhan to kill the terrorist, that Dumat’s plan is to make Barokhan a sanctuary for terrorists.
Manus Tony De Paul
Tegninger Mike Manley
Tegninger Paul Ryan
Tusj Mike Manley
Tusj Paul Ryan
Farger Reprostugan
Oversetter Jens Erik Røsåsen

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